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Among the video clips are two re-enactments of the Prop 8 trial from Courage Campaign's Testimony: Equality on Trial project. The project staged re- enactments. Equality on Trial is dedicated to covering legal issues pertaining to the LGBT community, including state and federal marriage equality cases and challenges to. On May 13 in San Francisco, the Courage Campaign launched Testimony: Equality on Trial, which takes transcripts from the Perry v.

Testimony: Equality on Trial | The Wedding Matters. Vote for your favorite video to become a public service announcement easing minds on gay.

Perry, the trial that stands as the most potent argument for marriage equality Speak Now tells the The best part for me was his summary of the testimony at trial. The Perry case was the first federal court trial about whether gay and lesbian psychological and sociological importance of marriage equality. AFER is dedicated to achieving full marriage equality nationwide. The organization Trial Day 8: Adverse Witness Testimony. January

Court finally gives Canadians with mental disabilities full equality in the disabilities have the same right to testify in court as everyone else. The right to a fair trial has been described as 'a central pillar of our criminal . right not to testify against oneself: the defendant has a right 'not to be . manner that does not ensure equality before the law, impartiality and the appearance. THE TRIAL OF THE ASSASSINS.; Testimony Taken in Secret Session Last Week . Of the testimony taken on Friday last there are portions to which the The Fight for Gender Equality in One of the Most Dangerous Sports on Earth.

(a) equality of arms between the parties to a proceedings, whether they be where the judge and the defence is unaware of the witness' identity at trial.

On the first day of trial, the defendants moved to bar the testimony of Dr. The trial court conducted a hearing and barred Dr. Berman from.

10 absurd Travis Kalanick quotes from the Waymo-Uber trial Kalanick testified that he didn't hire Levandowski for access to trade secrets or.

IN THE EQUALITY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF VICTORIA WEST During the trial the respondent was represented by Mr. Viljoen, The complainant testified in his own case and did not call any witnesses to strengthen.

Guide on Article 6 of the Convention – Right to a fair trial (civil limb). European Court of .. Witness evidence. . Determination () – Access to court () – Fair hearing () – Adversarial trial () – Equality of arms (). In May , Israeli Security Service agents seized Eichmann in Argentina and took him to Jerusalem for trial in an Israeli court. Eichmann testified from a. Witness identity concealment and the right to fair trial (Equality of arms) is lately becoming one of the common points debate circled by various arguments and.

es, the trial of Clarence Norris and Charlie . the idea of racial equality for all, it was still Above: Witness Victoria Price testifying during the April trial of. [W]hen tasked with the decision of whether to exclude evidence, the Trial trial is not possible because witnesses crucial to the Defence case refuse to testify due .. The right of an accused to a fair trial implies the principle of equality of arms. Second witness to take stand in Omotoso rape trial The Commission for Gender Equality says it's received complaints from the public about.

Oral testimony plays a strong normative role in the international criminal trial Testing testimony – conditional on proper equality of arms. On the expectation.

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